Support for the views slideshow dynamic display block module is given on a daily basis. The issue queue of the module is the preferred place to post: support requests, feature request and bugs. Please give detailed descriptions of your issues, so we can help you better. Searching the issue queue (search on all issue) and the FAQ can give you direct answers.

Issue queue Tips

  • Search first (on all existing issues) before posting new issues.
  • Post one issue per post, so they are useful for other users.
  • Leave the assigned select box to: Unassigned, if you don't solve the issue yourself.
  • Post detailed information how to reproduce the issue, what behavior is expected and what happened instead.
  • There is no such thing as a bug report, support request, feature request that is too detailed.

For more info, see also the issue queue handbook


The views slideshow dynamic display block module will be supported by a complete set of documentation. The installation and configuration tutorial can be found at: Views slideshow: Dynamic display block tutorial (version 2.x)

Like the ddblock module this module will have a faq, howto's, tips, etc.


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